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Continuing to produce mainly mattress protector products and meet customer demands with different sizes carrying technical functions like liquid proof, air permeable, sweat proof, stain proof, etc. properties, Aleze Tekstil has a production capacity of 10 million+ meters per year with the hot-melt technique and responds to market needs with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified packaged or customized products.


Production / Services

Contract Manufacturing

We specialize in manufacturing all intermediate products and packaged, ready-to-sell final products, including fabric selection, sewing, and packaging, tailored to meet the specific needs of your company and brand.


Lamination Process

Lamination is applied to the desired product fabric, regardless of whether it is provided by the customer or our company, using the hot-melt technique for the following combinations:

"Fabric-Fabric" "Fabric-Membrane" "Fabric-PU Membrane-Fabric"

This process ensures a strong and durable bond between the layers, enhancing the functionality and performance of the final products.



The products coming from the production are subjected to sewing in our apparel unit to create elastic and fitted bed mattress protectors, pillowcases with flaps or zippers, or custom-made items in the required dimensions.



Once the sewing process is completed, your products are packaged and prepared for shipment, using your brand name and preferred packaging choices. They are ready for delivery with your branding and desired packaging specifications.

Production Capacity

Aleze Tekstil has a production capacity of over 10 million meters per year using the hot-melt production technique.



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